Featured Sparrow Live Performances

  • English Songs and Arias of the Contemporary Age
    English Songs and Arias of the Contemporary Age
    Sparrow Live
    1月06日 GMT-6 下午7:00 – 2月06日 GMT-6 下午11:00
    Sparrow Live
    In this all English works recital soprano Sarah Rosales and pianist Aniello Barone perform art songs of the 20th century and opera arias of the 21st century in an evening of laughter, melancholy, peace, and joy.
  • HOMECOMING: Chasiti Lashay in Recital
    HOMECOMING: Chasiti Lashay in Recital
    Sparrow Live
    1月17日 GMT-6 下午6:00 – 2月17日 GMT-6 下午11:00
    Sparrow Live
    Experience soprano, Chasiti Lashay in recital from the comfort of your own home, alone or with your family and friends. Chasiti Lashay presents a recital of art songs, spirituals and holiday classics in this recital series, rightfully named HOMECOMING.
  • February in NYC
    February in NYC
    Sparrow Live
    2月18日 GMT-5 上午11:00 – 3月18日 GMT-4 下午11:00
    Sparrow Live
    Cellist Tamar Sagiv hosts pianist Emily Filice for a concert and interview about life as a classical musician in NYC
  • Classically Celtic
    Classically Celtic
    Sparrow Live
    3月11日 GMT-6 下午12:00 – 4月11日 GMT-5 下午11:00
    Sparrow Live
    Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day with “Classically Celtic”, an evening of vocal and piano music from well-known composers Benjamin Britten, Felix Mendelssohn, and more. Featuring beloved pieces from the Celtic repertoire.